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Salon Paul/Florent was created in 1991 by two friends and coworkers, Florent Cossette and Paul McKay.  They both started out together as assistants in Studio City, California's Barron Hair Studio. 

Back in those days, Paul and Florent learned from the pros and dreamed of having a salon of their own.  They envisioned a relaxed, comfortable, fun shop where their clients could kick back and sip wine or swig a longneck.  Oh.  And get their hair cut. 

Before long, they were ready to set out on their own and Salon Paul/Florent was born.  Twelve years later, Salon Paul/Florent is well-known as a place for "hang time, where the party rages day in and day out."

Salon Paul/Florent's staff has always created a warm and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and where anybody can have fun and relax.

Florent -- Salon Paul/Florent
Florent Cossette

JULY 10, 1954 - AUGUST 13, 1992

Salon Paul/Florent cofounder Florent Cossette was born in La Tuque, Canada.  When he was all grown up, he became a construction worker and brought his skilled hands and his marginal command of the English language to the United States. 

One construction gig took him to Barron Hair Studio in Studio City, California.  Right away, he knew that his skilled hands needed to be put to a higher purpose, and he traded in his tool belt for a pair of scissors.  With a primary interest in hair color, Florent began to learn his new trade.  As the years and his English progressed, Florent worked hard, becoming one of Hollywood's foremost celebrity hair colorists.

During his stint at Barron's, Florent met Paul and in 1990 they decided to pool their talents, create a new salon and call it Salon Paul/Florent. The new salon was up and running in 1991 and the business partners and their new stable of clients were thrilled.

But on August 13, 1992, Florent died from complications associated with AIDS, taking his intoxicating French accent and his twisted sense of humor with him.  Ten years later, his vibrant energy remains at the center of the salon's daily celebration.  He is missed, but his spirit lives on.

Paul -- Salon Paul/Florent
Paul McKay

My favorite Yoga Studio:
Yoga Yoga

The best Photographer in the world:
Jonathan Exley

Paul is a man of many passions, who balances family, yoga, work and pleasure in equal measures. One of his passions is his volunteer work. He has helped to raise more than $100,000 for AIDS Project Los Angeles, offering the proceeds in the name of Salon Paul/Florent's co-founder, Florent Cossette.

Along with the shop dog, Noelle, Paul also volunteers his time visiting hospitals and care centers providing pet therapy via the DeltaSociety.org

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